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Strength of Summer

Summer! A time I thought would never come, finally has. It seems as if everything has come to a near halt, especially after working nearly the whole day for most days during the orchestra season. Adventures in Music in the mornings/afternoons, teaching at night, orchestra and out of town concerts and business; I practically felt as if I were living off of coffee and meals on the go everyday. But now, attentions will shift towards self-improvement, family & friends, and also my music students. The students need to know that the summertime is the time for them to get ahead when the homework load is little to none.

You know how sometimes when you overwork yourself and are hit with free time, it almost feels as if you have no idea what to do with it? Well, right now feels like that. Thinking about all the different things one can do to stay to busy is at its core the strength and success of the musical entrepreneur. Recently, I had the time to update parts of the website, organize my season schedule, reach out to others, propose new project ideas to colleagues, and during the transition, search for a new violin.

Being able to see family and extended family is another big plus of the summer. Planning trips with them and also going places besides music festivals also has its plus sides. This is the strength of summer. A time to catch up with other parts your life as well!