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2nd Trip to South Korea and Mendocino Festival Reflections

Travel. It seems as if one is in a rut whether in music or life, one should look for new and inspiring things through travel. It occurred to me why nearly all music festivals are in rural and exotic places? These are clearly places that instill creativity and aspiration.

My first trip to Mendocino Music Festival happened two years ago. My accommodations were less than adequate, and I clearly overworked myself through practice, chamber music, and orchestral concerts. I didn't really enjoy my time there as much as I did now. This year, I gave myself the time to visit the local state parks and discovered so much beauty in the surrounding area that enriched my trip so much more. Seeing exotic sights of the ocean rocks meeting bluffs on a clear day, or navigating the green forests on the way to private falls with fallen trees all around certainly inspires one to keep active in all aspects of life.

I don't think anything can prepare one's self for the humidity and heat of a Korean Summer. Going from nice, hot Mendocino showers straight to all the way cold showers is quite an interesting feeling in the span of a day and a long flight. Upon arriving in Korea, I had prepared to go on a trip to the southernmost part of the Korean Peninsula to Namhae and Tong Yiang, both areas which are renowned for their beauty of moutain forests meeting ocean. The highlight of the trip was visiting many of the small islands that were teeming with trees, birds, rattling cicadas, and mosquitos.

I still have another 3 weeks here in Korea, and I'm sure my travels will take me to more inspirational places and new experiences. If you'd like to see some of these locations, you can request me as a friend on facebook as Thomas Yee and SF Conservatory network and check out the photos albums there.

Wishing everyone a nice summer,