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The Revised

Welcome to Revised

It certainly has been long overdue to have my website updated. I have been working on several musical projects not to mention the orchestra concerts. I have been moving forward with two groups: Duo Revirado and Tango Del Cielo. Both involve music with a Spanish Flair. Higher Quality Video clips on youtube to be posted up soon. I strongly encourage everyone to look up these groups. Recently, Duo Revirado became an affiliate of the San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music. I guess now people can make tax-deductible donations towards the artistic growth of the group! $$$ :)

I think it is so important to keep things updated all the time, although it is very difficult to keep track of everything. For example, today I received check in-person whereas it was returned to the sender from an address that was two years old! Now that I think of it, after revising over, I may have to actually update my myspace and youtube pages! What a never ending cycle...