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Korean Folk Dance

The third week of my trip to Korea is passing up, and it seems as if I have been here for quite a long time. I'm sure when it is all over it will seem like a blink of an eye. It always seems like that. Thank goodness that we can take pictures to remember how much was actually seen. The performance or audition experience seems like an eternity, but when it is done, the time too also seems to pass by so quickly. I had helped host and perform in my international wedding reception, entertained visiting family, and experienced very traditional Korean culture this week.

For those interested in new sounds and dance, I encourage everyone to check out Korean Folk Dance. I was very impressed with the live experience. It seems very difficult and exciting at the same time and is blended with polyrhythmic percussion. I actually found a bootleg clip on youtube of the exact same group I saw perform at the Korean Folk Village where I visited this week. It is very cool!