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Influence from Experiences

I've been in Seoul, Korea for the past five days now, and it has been an incredible experience for me. I have been staying in the heart of the city; Kangnam-Gu Samsung-Dong area, which is a landscape of skyscrapers and teeming business. I have noticed and am impressed with the Koreans' system for many things. From learning a very respectful etiquette & mannerisms, daily life schedule, the cleanliness of the packed city, fashion, the subway system, and even restrooms!

Now speaking about their etiquette/mannerisms & daily life, I noticed that their focus is habitual. For example when one is eating everyone and everything must be ready before starting on the food. Each meal is like a break from the busy and hard life. I see that it can allow onesself to focus on one thing at a time. They will won't let outside distractions bother them from doing something. They work so much; up to ten hours a day for any occupation. It is from tremendous pressure from parents and peers to be the best and succeed in a very urban and packed environment. No wonder the Korean violinists worldwide tend to do so well in many regards!

San Francisco and the whole USA can learn from Korea's system for public cleanliness. I noticed that there is no graffitti anywhere and litter. The public transportation system is fast, easy to understand, and is packed. Air conditioned buses! No wonder a large majority of people here use the subways and is spot clean. I am particularly impressed with public restrooms here, because the inventions they've engineered are so clever! Some of the user-friendly inventions to prevent splashing and smells include: Ice in the stand-in lavatory, motion-activated running water as you tinkle, bidets for cleaning your bottom, etc.

In regards to cleanliness, I would say 9 out of 10 men here dress as well or better than the women do. Fashion goes along with their darwinistic mindset that they have to compete and strive for the best. Most guys are in fine suits and ties, women in revealing and varied style personal flair. In shopping in various areas, I notice that there are all kinds of designer boutique shops all over the world everywhere in the city. Especially to my happiness, tailors are in abundance. Itaewon-dong is one particular area in Seoul that is like a Korean Savile Row (Savile row is an original the tailor area in london where you can custom make anything you can dream of) and I have been fortunate to have found a discerning tailor here to realize a fashion dream all at a great place! Having comfort while performing music is so important, that I have been working with dynasty tailors in Itaewon to to have a suit and some dress shirts personally designed to my specifications. Not only will it look its best, but it will have the lightness and flexibility of movement as if I were wearing very little. I can't wait to realize this outcome.

I still have many weeks left in my stay here, and I'm sure the future experiences will be quite eye opening. Afterall, this is my first experience in Asia. I do believe that experiences travelling can contribute to overall well-being, and can help one grow artistically. How many pieces of music are written after landscape, stories, cultures, and material things? Basically all music is. Experiencing the Korean way of life is allowing me to understand more how to focus well, do things well, and work hard. Although I am away on vacation, I am allowing myself to cultivate and grow from these great and busy experiences in Korea.