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The Left Hand: A New Perspective

Saw this article and thought it was useful to spread the word and share it with all of you.


July 21, 2009 at 8:09 PM blog by Catie Rinderknecht at

The bear paw. I know, it sounds incredibly cheesy. But, it's something that makes sense. I mean, David Russell actually used this metaphor in a lesson I had with him in summer '07. It works, why else would he mention it?

A bear's paw is vaguely hand-shaped, but it has no fingers. When a bear scoops up honey (or whatever), it uses its whole paw as a unit.

Importance of Practice Logs and Goals

What a beautiful day in South San Francisco Bay Area to practice and teach the violin! This is my first of many routines Blogs on, especially since I will be away for half of the summer. Now that the summer has rolled in, it is time to rethink strategies and practice routines! I encourage visitors and my students to visit here often for advice when I'm away. In return, I will dedicate a majority of my blogs to pedagogy and practice.


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