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Hand & Wrist Warm-ups for injury prevention and flexibility in violin playing

It is common for athletes to stretch before and after exercise in order to reduce injury and increase performance, but why as musicians that use the same muscle groups generally not stretching? Playing a bowed-string instrument such as the violin requires complete freedom as it uses nearly all of the muscles in the upper body to be played. There are 6 basic upper body muscle groups that need stretching which are the neck, back, shoulders, arms (bicep & tricep), and most notably the wrist, and fingers are needed to keep those muscle groups loose.

Quickness of Thinking in Music

I've come across many students of music where the lack of musicianship and theory was an impacting factor in their learning. I am a firm believer in making sure that one knows all of their major/minor scales and strong listening identifiers of intervals. The moment when one has trouble with remembering what is what, shows proof that their reading skills or finding notes also probably are lacking as well.

Strength of Summer

Summer! A time I thought would never come, finally has. It seems as if everything has come to a near halt, especially after working nearly the whole day for most days during the orchestra season. Adventures in Music in the mornings/afternoons, teaching at night, orchestra and out of town concerts and business; I practically felt as if I were living off of coffee and meals on the go everyday. But now, attentions will shift towards self-improvement, family & friends, and also my music students.

Life Reflection: Critical Thinking in Repetition

A part of my personality had always enjoyed repetition. Yes, repetition may seem quite boring and cumbersome, but looking back throughout my life I have learned so many life skills through type of repetition that came natural to me. In my adolescence I had a knack for experimentation of repetition, in part to be prepared for all aspects of what it was I was doing, and it also prevented myself from going insane! I enjoyed mixing things up, and in turn, I suppose it paved away the process for my current life achievements.

2nd Trip to South Korea and Mendocino Festival Reflections

Travel. It seems as if one is in a rut whether in music or life, one should look for new and inspiring things through travel. It occurred to me why nearly all music festivals are in rural and exotic places? These are clearly places that instill creativity and aspiration.

The Revised

Welcome to Revised

Korean Folk Dance

The third week of my trip to Korea is passing up, and it seems as if I have been here for quite a long time. I'm sure when it is all over it will seem like a blink of an eye. It always seems like that. Thank goodness that we can take pictures to remember how much was actually seen. The performance or audition experience seems like an eternity, but when it is done, the time too also seems to pass by so quickly. I had helped host and perform in my international wedding reception, entertained visiting family, and experienced very traditional Korean culture this week.

Sensory Overload, Great!

The second week of my trip to Korea is finishing up, and I have been literally "soaking" things up through hot weather, fervent shopping, commuting around, and new tastes. I have been getting to know my additional extended family, and to experience firsthand what all of the luxuries this country has to offer. Still, I am finding some time to involve my life with music regularly through morning practice and tying cultural experiences with it.

Influence from Experiences

I've been in Seoul, Korea for the past five days now, and it has been an incredible experience for me. I have been staying in the heart of the city; Kangnam-Gu Samsung-Dong area, which is a landscape of skyscrapers and teeming business. I have noticed and am impressed with the Koreans' system for many things. From learning a very respectful etiquette & mannerisms, daily life schedule, the cleanliness of the packed city, fashion, the subway system, and even restrooms!


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